The Pain of a Common Wrist Sprain

Wrist sprains are pretty common. In fact, you don’t have to be an athlete to experience this. At least once in your life, you’re going to get it and sometimes through the most unexpected reasons. Some of these reasons include falling and then your wrist catches the impact of the fall, a wrong twist of the wrist from playing sports, or by simply getting hit by someone in that area.  While all of us are most likely to have one, the most prone people are athletes. They can be basketball/tennis/badminton/volleyball players, skaters, and divers.

As for me, I got a wrist sprain when I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I was carrying a couple of books and I didn’t see exactly where I was going so I tripped. My reflex action was to put my hands on my side to meet the floor so that my fall wouldn’t be as painful. Needless to say that my right hand couldn’t support my whole weight and so I got a sprained wrist. The pain was sudden – it was as if something broke. There was no sound or anything, but the moment I tried moving my wrist, an excruciating pain suddenly made itself felt. At that time I didn’t know what to do and my immediate thought was to get it checked. I went to the nearest clinic, Wyndham Physio and Rehab in Werribee, VIC 3030, and asked if I could get it checked.

Luckily, there was a doctor in the clinic (they work part-time) and I was able to consult my injury. He explained that I had a wrist sprain. The good thing about the doctor on-duty was that he explained to me what exactly a wrist sprain was. It is a ligament injury. It happens when the muscle/s connecting your bones get twisted, stretched, or torn. In my case, it was only stretched since when I fell, my hand was directed to the opposite direction. The impact made the ligaments stretch more than what it was capable of so it resulted in injury.

There are several ways to treat a wrist sprain and treatments vary depending on the level of injury. Level 1 was for stretched ligaments, level 2 was for slightly torn ligaments, and level 3 was the wholly torn ligaments. Level 3 stages of sprains sometimes lead to longer healing periods or even slight loss of function. I was thankful my fall was not so bad that it tore my ligaments. The doctor only advised I do some exercises or physiotherapy for a speedy recovery.

I forgot to mention that there are instances that your wrist will swell. In cases like this, you should put cold compress or ice on the injured part to prevent the swelling to get bigger. Some wrist sprains do not require you to go to a clinic especially when it is just twisted or a bit stretched. Resting your wrist for a few days should do the trick. You can also wrap a towel or a cast around it so that you avoid moving it. If you keep moving it and exercising it without consulting a doctor or a physical therapist, the sprain will most likely not heal. On the other hand, there are treatments that can speed up the healing process of your wrist sprain.  Like what I said earlier, I went to a clinic immediately to know exactly how to deal with it. Nothing beats professional help still.

At Wyndham Physio & Rehabilitation, they offer several services and not just for healing sprains. In my case, I paid for physiotherapy lessons so that my wrist sprain would heal immediately. There was no need for a doctor’s certificate allowing me to get physiotherapy. Just in case you aren’t familiar, physiotherapy is also called physical therapy. What happens here is you are guided by a physical therapist to do exercises and movements that will help alleviate and put to normal your injured body parts. They also give massages to ease the pain or to correct the injury altogether.

Other services in the clinic include rehabilitation, psychology, podiatry and pilates. They have on-site doctors who work part-time and I was thankful I went when there was someone on duty. Overall, Wyndham Physio & Rehabilitation was a very accommodating clinic. They have a number of services that you can find helpful and they have professional therapists and counselors in the clinic. Rest assured that they can help you with your physical and mental concerns.

The clinic is just at 90 Cottrell Street at Werribee. Office hours is during weekdays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They can also be open on Saturdays, but you have to secure an appointment with their staff. You may contact them at (03) 9741 8268. Don’t let that pain linger anymore, pay a visit and you will surely get the best treatment.