The Many Therapeutic Claims of Drum Lessons

drum-lessonsAs a young professional woman, I am at my peak of youthfulness and, thus, am able to do a lot of things to achieve my goals in life. However, there are many days that I get too stressed because of the many demands at work and at home. Though I am not a mother yet, there are also many things that I do at home. Lately, I have been involved in my house renovation. You can just imagine the many deadlines I have to beat. I love what I do but there are just really many times that stress burns me out. This is the main reason why I started looking for ways that can comfort me and, at the same time, help me become better at focusing on the things I do to accomplish them in a short period of time. Distractions really make a huge difference in the quality and quantity of outputs. 

One day when I am on my way home after a busy day of work, I saw this group of adult people with their kids playing drums at the park. They all look like they are having so much fun and as if they don’t have any problems at all. I stopped by for a few minutes to listen to and look at them. The beat of the drums is inviting and actually gets me into the groove. Before I knew it, I have been listening to them for 10 minutes already. I heard one of the participants said that Darren gave the best lessons at Red Drum Music Studios. It got me curious because it means that they have some sort of a school or studio where they actually do the lessons. I can’t wait for them to finish anymore. I wanted to ask them where the studio is but I had to go home. I left and just thought to myself that I will search online more about drumming lessons and about the studio. 

While on my way home, the drum beats still linger into my ear and my fingers are like tapping into my lap. I felt kind of awkward but, at the same time, happy and enjoying it. As I got home, I rest for a few minutes and proceeded with the preparation of simple yet healthy dinner. When on my room already, I got excited while in front of my laptop. I quickly opened it and searched about drums and drumming lessons. The photos of different sizes and colours of drums were all a visual feast to my eyes. But what made me really hooked are the numerous benefits that am after for. But I did not continue reading several articles because I want to hear it personally from a drumming instructor. Instead, I searched for institutions that offer drumming lessons in my area. In the end, I decide to go to the Red Drum Music Studios.  

In the studio, the first benefit I learned is the ability of drumming to significantly reduce stress. I was able to talk to Darren and learned a lot of relevant information directly from him. He said that playing drums can relieve not just stress but disappointment and frustration as well. Upon hearing these, I got more interested because it means that drumming is really a great way to address my stress-filled work and life. He explained further that hitting the djembe or a drum kit while with other people in a circle formation truly does a lot of wonders to the mind and body. Even when the participants are beating marching band brass drums, they will still all enjoy the benefit of being relieved from stress. A few minutes of playing the different types of drums is effective in boosting the participants’ mood. This is why drumming is and will always be effective in relieving stress. The development of good mood happens when the brain of the drummer releases feel-good hormones called endorphins. Darren emphasized that the generation of endorphin is very high whenever a person actively performs music such as drumming.    

Another benefit that I learned is the ability of playing drums to boost brain power. This is so because the drumming involves the coordination of the four limbs to successfully hit the drums and produce a rhythmic sound. Continuous exposure to drumming also increases the level of IQ because reading musical notes and understanding rhythm is a complicated process. So, when you are constantly exposed to this kind of brain activity, there will be improvement in your IQ level.  

During my first session of drum lessons, I felt very happy because I met new people who are now my new friends. What makes every lesson interesting and exciting is the fact that we are all there sharing the same interest. That same interest of wanting to learn and play drums creates the bond between us. It’s been a few weeks and I must say that I always look forward to attending my drum lessons. I am now also attending festivals that involve the use of drums. Being in a community of drum players makes me feel truly free of stress and provides me so much joy and unforgettable memories.