Remedial Massage for Headaches – More than Just Massage

Remedial headacheHeadaches are very common complaint especially in today’s very stressful world. Stress from work, family and social relationships, and from other facets of daily living can all give us a headache. Being stuck in traffic or having to contend with an unruly or even an overly insensitive fellow pedestrian or commuter can add up to the headache that you have. Headache is so common that millions of people all over the world have it. And when it comes to headaches, nothing could be more painful than migraines and tension headaches.

For many individuals, strong analgesics are the only means of managing the pain in headache. Unfortunately, it is also this reason why a lot of people are developing physical and psychological dependence on prescription opioid analgesics leading them to drug abuse and drug addiction. This is not including the many other side effects and adverse reactions these medications bring. As such, in the management of headaches, it is sometimes a lot better to look for better and safer alternatives.

One of the therapeutic modalities that is recommended by healthcare practitioners in the management of headache and which I can attest to is massage. I usually have my massage at the Freedom Chinese Medicine clinic – where I often ask Elaine to give me a remedial massage for my headaches. Don’t be confused with the term remedial massage because it only signifies the purpose of the massage. Freedom Chinese Medicine also has another type of massage known as relaxing massage. Based on this, you know that this is just a nomenclature of their massage services based on what you need to achieve – to relax or to get treated.

Massage stimulates the nerve endings to send electrical signals to the brain to release endorphins which can help reduce the pain sensation. The application of pressure can also help relieve the inflammatory processes that may be occurring at the tissue level. This helps improve blood flow to the area and help facilitate relaxation

Remedial massage for headache works two ways. First, it relieves the pressure brought about by migraine or tension headaches. The focus is not only on the head itself but also the neck and the shoulders as stiffness or muscle soreness in these areas can significantly add to the pain and discomfort seen in people with tension headaches or migraine. Remedial massage focuses on these areas specifically to relieve the pressure. This is why it is called remedial massage.

Secondly, remedial massage works by improving the overall level of comfort, relief from stress, and relaxation. When done regularly and at frequent intervals, remedial massage can help us regain control over our lives by having fewer incidence of severe headaches. Controlling muscle spasms and relaxing specific trigger points can help us reduce our chances of developing tension headaches and migraine attacks.

Studies have already shown that remedial massage can reduce the incidence of migraine attacks and tension headaches. This can help us lead our lives a lot better and become more productive in all of our undertakings. This also means that we won’t have to be bothered by troublesome headaches again. Well, there will still be headaches but none that will leave us debilitated. Studies have also shown that remedial massage can significantly improve the quality of sleep which can further help in our need to feel refreshed after a very long and tiring day at work. Getting good quality sleep is also crucial to allow our bodies to recuperate and repair itself from the daily grind.

Perhaps one of the more important benefits of remedial massage for headaches is that it also helps us feel a lot better about ourselves. This helps us be more confident in the things that we do. We are able to communicate with our families and colleagues without feeling grouchy because of the headache that we have.

At the onset of headache, the first thing that comes to mind, for most people, is taking in pain reliever medicines. Although this intervention is acceptable, there is also the choice of massage. So, before you pop that anti-headache pill, why not try a remedial massage first? You will surely be happy you did.

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