My First Root Canal

Had heard a lot of people talking about two things they are most afraid of when it comes to dental procedures, root canal and dental implants. Moreover, they said that their root canal procedures were extremely painful for them. So when I came to know that I was going to go through root canal surgery myself I was about to faint with all the thoughts about pain running through my head. That’s when my local dentist who specialises in root canal and dental implants Melbourne told me that root canal treatments removed the tooth’s pulp which is a small thread tissue right at the centre of the tooth that is being operated. This pulp is removed because it is dead. The cavity which is created there is cleaned and filled up again. This process helps in closing the root canal. Root canal treatments help save teeth from complete degeneration.

My Root Canal Experience Revisited

My dentist said that most of the time’s people undergo root canal treatments due to very deep cavities, broken teeth, or a damaged tooth. Just before my procedure my dentist gave me many entertainment tools to distract myself. I was very nervous. This treatment again cannot be done on one single visit. The process takes time, and it demands more than one visit. The dentist started the procedure by making a small hole in the front of my tooth. Then he started with what is known as Pulpectomy, a procedure that will remove the deal pulp from the pulp chamber. After this, the root canals are then cleaned up. The cleaning also causes the cavity to expand, and this cavity is then filled up again by the dentist. Sometimes a temporary filling is placed in there until the next visit. On the second visit, my dentist removed the temporary filling and filled it with a permanent filling called gutta-percha that seals the deal of the root canal treatment. My dentist inserted a rubber canal for mechanical support. To make it look good and natural, the dentist placed a crown on top of the teeth. My dentist advised a follow-up. This follow-up was scheduled two weeks later. The good news and relieving news is that these treatments last a lifetime if proper care is taken. So, once you bear the pain you won’t have to bear it again.

Hello! Just to let all you folks know the treatment is not as painful as people make it sound. Choose a good and reliable dentist and get the best treatment for your teeth. I found a video below so you can see what root canal treatment looks like. Hope it’s not as scary as it looks on the video.