The Pain of a Common Wrist Sprain

Wrist sprains are pretty common. In fact, you don’t have to be an athlete to experience this. At least once in your life, you’re going to get it and sometimes through the most unexpected reasons. Some of these reasons include falling and then your wrist catches the impact of the fall, a wrong twist of the wrist from playing sports, or by simply getting hit by someone in that area.  While all of us are most likely to have one, the most prone people are athletes. They can be basketball/tennis/badminton/volleyball players, skaters, and divers.

As for me, I got a wrist sprain when I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I was carrying a couple of books and I didn’t see exactly where I was going so I tripped. My reflex action was to put my hands on my side to meet the floor so that my fall wouldn’t be as painful. Needless to say that my right hand couldn’t support my whole weight and so I got a sprained wrist. The pain was sudden – it was as if something broke. There was no sound or anything, but the moment I tried moving my wrist, an excruciating pain suddenly made itself felt. At that time I didn’t know what to do and my immediate thought was to get it checked. I went to the nearest clinic, Wyndham Physio and Rehab in Werribee, VIC 3030, and asked if I could get it checked.

Luckily, there was a doctor in the clinic (they work part-time) and I was able to consult my injury. He explained that I had a wrist sprain. The good thing about the doctor on-duty was that he explained to me what exactly a wrist sprain was. It is a ligament injury. It happens when the muscle/s connecting your bones get twisted, stretched, or torn. In my case, it was only stretched since when I fell, my hand was directed to the opposite direction. The impact made the ligaments stretch more than what it was capable of so it resulted in injury.

There are several ways to treat a wrist sprain and treatments vary depending on the level of injury. Level 1 was for stretched ligaments, level 2 was for slightly torn ligaments, and level 3 was the wholly torn ligaments. Level 3 stages of sprains sometimes lead to longer healing periods or even slight loss of function. I was thankful my fall was not so bad that it tore my ligaments. The doctor only advised I do some exercises or physiotherapy for a speedy recovery.

I forgot to mention that there are instances that your wrist will swell. In cases like this, you should put cold compress or ice on the injured part to prevent the swelling to get bigger. Some wrist sprains do not require you to go to a clinic especially when it is just twisted or a bit stretched. Resting your wrist for a few days should do the trick. You can also wrap a towel or a cast around it so that you avoid moving it. If you keep moving it and exercising it without consulting a doctor or a physical therapist, the sprain will most likely not heal. On the other hand, there are treatments that can speed up the healing process of your wrist sprain.  Like what I said earlier, I went to a clinic immediately to know exactly how to deal with it. Nothing beats professional help still.

At Wyndham Physio & Rehabilitation, they offer several services and not just for healing sprains. In my case, I paid for physiotherapy lessons so that my wrist sprain would heal immediately. There was no need for a doctor’s certificate allowing me to get physiotherapy. Just in case you aren’t familiar, physiotherapy is also called physical therapy. What happens here is you are guided by a physical therapist to do exercises and movements that will help alleviate and put to normal your injured body parts. They also give massages to ease the pain or to correct the injury altogether.

Other services in the clinic include rehabilitation, psychology, podiatry and pilates. They have on-site doctors who work part-time and I was thankful I went when there was someone on duty. Overall, Wyndham Physio & Rehabilitation was a very accommodating clinic. They have a number of services that you can find helpful and they have professional therapists and counselors in the clinic. Rest assured that they can help you with your physical and mental concerns.

The clinic is just at 90 Cottrell Street at Werribee. Office hours is during weekdays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They can also be open on Saturdays, but you have to secure an appointment with their staff. You may contact them at (03) 9741 8268. Don’t let that pain linger anymore, pay a visit and you will surely get the best treatment. 

The Many Therapeutic Claims of Drum Lessons

drum-lessonsAs a young professional woman, I am at my peak of youthfulness and, thus, am able to do a lot of things to achieve my goals in life. However, there are many days that I get too stressed because of the many demands at work and at home. Though I am not a mother yet, there are also many things that I do at home. Lately, I have been involved in my house renovation. You can just imagine the many deadlines I have to beat. I love what I do but there are just really many times that stress burns me out. This is the main reason why I started looking for ways that can comfort me and, at the same time, help me become better at focusing on the things I do to accomplish them in a short period of time. Distractions really make a huge difference in the quality and quantity of outputs. 

One day when I am on my way home after a busy day of work, I saw this group of adult people with their kids playing drums at the park. They all look like they are having so much fun and as if they don’t have any problems at all. I stopped by for a few minutes to listen to and look at them. The beat of the drums is inviting and actually gets me into the groove. Before I knew it, I have been listening to them for 10 minutes already. I heard one of the participants said that Darren gave the best lessons at Red Drum Music Studios. It got me curious because it means that they have some sort of a school or studio where they actually do the lessons. I can’t wait for them to finish anymore. I wanted to ask them where the studio is but I had to go home. I left and just thought to myself that I will search online more about drumming lessons and about the studio. 

While on my way home, the drum beats still linger into my ear and my fingers are like tapping into my lap. I felt kind of awkward but, at the same time, happy and enjoying it. As I got home, I rest for a few minutes and proceeded with the preparation of simple yet healthy dinner. When on my room already, I got excited while in front of my laptop. I quickly opened it and searched about drums and drumming lessons. The photos of different sizes and colours of drums were all a visual feast to my eyes. But what made me really hooked are the numerous benefits that am after for. But I did not continue reading several articles because I want to hear it personally from a drumming instructor. Instead, I searched for institutions that offer drumming lessons in my area. In the end, I decide to go to the Red Drum Music Studios.  

In the studio, the first benefit I learned is the ability of drumming to significantly reduce stress. I was able to talk to Darren and learned a lot of relevant information directly from him. He said that playing drums can relieve not just stress but disappointment and frustration as well. Upon hearing these, I got more interested because it means that drumming is really a great way to address my stress-filled work and life. He explained further that hitting the djembe or a drum kit while with other people in a circle formation truly does a lot of wonders to the mind and body. Even when the participants are beating marching band brass drums, they will still all enjoy the benefit of being relieved from stress. A few minutes of playing the different types of drums is effective in boosting the participants’ mood. This is why drumming is and will always be effective in relieving stress. The development of good mood happens when the brain of the drummer releases feel-good hormones called endorphins. Darren emphasized that the generation of endorphin is very high whenever a person actively performs music such as drumming.    

Another benefit that I learned is the ability of playing drums to boost brain power. This is so because the drumming involves the coordination of the four limbs to successfully hit the drums and produce a rhythmic sound. Continuous exposure to drumming also increases the level of IQ because reading musical notes and understanding rhythm is a complicated process. So, when you are constantly exposed to this kind of brain activity, there will be improvement in your IQ level.  

During my first session of drum lessons, I felt very happy because I met new people who are now my new friends. What makes every lesson interesting and exciting is the fact that we are all there sharing the same interest. That same interest of wanting to learn and play drums creates the bond between us. It’s been a few weeks and I must say that I always look forward to attending my drum lessons. I am now also attending festivals that involve the use of drums. Being in a community of drum players makes me feel truly free of stress and provides me so much joy and unforgettable memories.

Remedial Massage for Headaches – More than Just Massage

Remedial headacheHeadaches are very common complaint especially in today’s very stressful world. Stress from work, family and social relationships, and from other facets of daily living can all give us a headache. Being stuck in traffic or having to contend with an unruly or even an overly insensitive fellow pedestrian or commuter can add up to the headache that you have. Headache is so common that millions of people all over the world have it. And when it comes to headaches, nothing could be more painful than migraines and tension headaches.

For many individuals, strong analgesics are the only means of managing the pain in headache. Unfortunately, it is also this reason why a lot of people are developing physical and psychological dependence on prescription opioid analgesics leading them to drug abuse and drug addiction. This is not including the many other side effects and adverse reactions these medications bring. As such, in the management of headaches, it is sometimes a lot better to look for better and safer alternatives.

One of the therapeutic modalities that is recommended by healthcare practitioners in the management of headache and which I can attest to is massage. I usually have my massage at the Freedom Chinese Medicine clinic – where I often ask Elaine to give me a remedial massage for my headaches. Don’t be confused with the term remedial massage because it only signifies the purpose of the massage. Freedom Chinese Medicine also has another type of massage known as relaxing massage. Based on this, you know that this is just a nomenclature of their massage services based on what you need to achieve – to relax or to get treated.

Massage stimulates the nerve endings to send electrical signals to the brain to release endorphins which can help reduce the pain sensation. The application of pressure can also help relieve the inflammatory processes that may be occurring at the tissue level. This helps improve blood flow to the area and help facilitate relaxation

Remedial massage for headache works two ways. First, it relieves the pressure brought about by migraine or tension headaches. The focus is not only on the head itself but also the neck and the shoulders as stiffness or muscle soreness in these areas can significantly add to the pain and discomfort seen in people with tension headaches or migraine. Remedial massage focuses on these areas specifically to relieve the pressure. This is why it is called remedial massage.

Secondly, remedial massage works by improving the overall level of comfort, relief from stress, and relaxation. When done regularly and at frequent intervals, remedial massage can help us regain control over our lives by having fewer incidence of severe headaches. Controlling muscle spasms and relaxing specific trigger points can help us reduce our chances of developing tension headaches and migraine attacks.

Studies have already shown that remedial massage can reduce the incidence of migraine attacks and tension headaches. This can help us lead our lives a lot better and become more productive in all of our undertakings. This also means that we won’t have to be bothered by troublesome headaches again. Well, there will still be headaches but none that will leave us debilitated. Studies have also shown that remedial massage can significantly improve the quality of sleep which can further help in our need to feel refreshed after a very long and tiring day at work. Getting good quality sleep is also crucial to allow our bodies to recuperate and repair itself from the daily grind.

Perhaps one of the more important benefits of remedial massage for headaches is that it also helps us feel a lot better about ourselves. This helps us be more confident in the things that we do. We are able to communicate with our families and colleagues without feeling grouchy because of the headache that we have.

At the onset of headache, the first thing that comes to mind, for most people, is taking in pain reliever medicines. Although this intervention is acceptable, there is also the choice of massage. So, before you pop that anti-headache pill, why not try a remedial massage first? You will surely be happy you did.

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Is Blonde Colour Suitable for Your Hair? How a Salon Treatment Can Make a Difference

hair colourThere are many reasons why you would want to get your hair dyed with a different colour. A change in season is one common reason. Whether the Christmas season or summer is coming, you would consider having your hair dyed with blonde colour. You would also want a change in hair colour for purposes. There could be many reasons, but you would always ask if the colour blonde is suitable to your hair. Well, you might not have the best answer if you the colouring on your own.

There are now many do-it-yourself kits that allow people to do many things on their own. These are things that they can only accomplish with the service of others. The same is true with hair colouring. Though you can do it on your own now, with a friend or a relative, it doesn’t guarantee the best results. It is thus always recommended to have your hair coloured in a reputable salon.

In Australia, there are many salons that offer hair treatments to make hair dying effective not just in giving the hair a new colour but also in keeping it healthy. The Melbourne’s best blonde colourists, for example, would recommend their clients some treatments that are necessary to prevent the hair from getting dry or stressed due to the chemicals from the hair dye. Below are the advantages of getting a salon treatment in getting your hair a new blonde colour.

Salon Treatment Helps Lock the Color 

Colouring your hair at home can be very easy and practical. However, you would regret it later particularly when the colour is starting to fade just after a few days or weeks. You would become frustrated when you notice that the blonde colour of your hair is not that rich and healthy anymore. However, when you have your hair dyed in a salon, the stylist would recommend the proper treatment to make the new colour lasts for a longer period. Usually, a leave-in treatment is applied. This treatment helps in locking in the colour, which keeps the blonde colour vibrant and not dull. With the treatment, your hair would always look healthy and shiny. If your hair is not naturally blonde, then you really need to give your hair a salon treatment.

Salon Treatment Helps Repair Damaged Hair 

Too much heat from the styling process can really make your hair damaged. In particular, it can make every strand too dry and dull. This is a common result when the hair is coloured with bleach blonde. Yes, you may achieve the bleach blonde colour but there is also a corresponding undesirable effect that you would have to deal with every day if not given the proper treatment. There are intensive salon treatments that can give your hair a new life after having it dyed with bleach blonde or natural blonde. Giving your hair the intensive treatment it needs after suffering from too much heat is necessary. It will make your effort of giving your hair blonde colour successful.

Salon Treatment Keeps Your Hair Stronger and Nourished 

To really achieve that healthy and shiny blonde hair, you need to give your hair a salon treatment that would make it stronger. How is this achieved? Well, there are now salon treatments that involves cleaning, blow drying, and conditioning of the hair. The conditioning process provides the hair with natural ingredients and proteins that help the hair become much stronger. Conditioning the hair is necessary because it is exhausted of nutrients whenever it undergoes styling. What’s great about this kind of conditioning treatment is that the proteins can remain in your hair for up to five weeks.

With these advantages of the different hair treatments, you really must highly consider having your hair dyed with blonde colour in a salon. In Australia, Melbourne is one of the cities where you can avail the best salon treatments.  A new hair colour is one way of altering your look in a more attractive way.

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Moles and the Modern Technologies for its Effective Removal

mole removalClicking on any Sydney mole removal website will show you one very remarkable fact: methods of mole removal have clearly progressed from rudimentary techniques into the age of laser space age technology. While laser removal is now fast becoming the norm in the removal of moles, some still do prefer other methods such as surgery and chemical or natural removal. However the method, the results will always be as varied as the experiences of each mole removal individual.

What are Moles?

A mole is a type of skin imperfection where certain skin cells produce abnormally large amounts of pigment known as melanin. This is the substance that gives a brownish tinge to the skin. However, instead of being evenly distributed, some sections of the skin have a naturally hyperactive group of melanocytes, skin cells that produce melanin, that clump together. This results in a mole. In the medical community, it is known as a nevus.

One out of 100 individuals is usually born with a mole. People with in-born moles are generally observed to be at a higher risk for the development of melanoma, a certain type of cancer of the skin. In other cases, moles can develop because of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation as well as hormonal changes such as what occurs among diabetics and pregnant women.

Do Moles Really Need to be Removed?

Depending on the nature of the mole, whether it is genetic or acquired, as well as its size and patterns of growth, you may or may not opt to have your mole removed.

One of the overriding concerns why people would want to have their moles removed is directly related to the risk of developing melanoma. It should be noted that while congenital moles have a higher tendency of turning into a cancerous type of skin lesion, this does not discount the possibility of an acquired mole also turning into melanoma. The sad fact is science has also shown that people who are overly and chronically exposed to ultraviolet radiation have the same risk of melanoma development as those with congenital moles. This has led experts to believe that acquired moles are just ticking time bombs waiting for the correct trigger to start turning into a melanoma. That trigger, unfortunately, is ultraviolet radiation.

So, do moles have to be removed? For health’s sake? The resounding answer is yes. For aesthetic reasons? That depends on how affected you are psychologically and emotionally about the appearance of moles on your skin.

How are Moles Removed?

Because mole removal is a delicate matter, it is best to have moles removed by a licensed and duly trained mole removal expert – a dermatologist or a doctor who has trained and has been certified in the removal of moles. The ramifications of mole removal are simply too great to be ignored. You need to understand that you are technically removing something which is an integral part of your body, no matter how small it may be. That being said, it is always best to seek the services of recognized experts in mole removal.

There are essentially two methods to remove moles: surgery and laser. There is a third method that calls for the use of commercially available mole removal products that you apply on your mole right in the convenience of your home. As the application of these products is not medically supervised there are no guarantees that it will work or that there will be no side effects later on. So, these products should be used only if you are confident about its effectiveness and are equally competent about its application.

Surgical Mole Removal

Health experts agree that the best way to remove moles is by surgery. This is especially true if the mole is large and raised and is suspected of having a cancerous nature. By surgically removing the mole, they can send this to the histology laboratory in order to determine the exact nature of the mole tissue. Should it turn out cancerous, then your doctor will be able to run some more comprehensive tests. This is to rule out the possibility that the cancerous tissues might have broken off and migrated to other parts of the body, a process known as metastasis.

However, the major drawback of surgical mole removal is the risk of infection as well as possible nerve damage, not to mention the surgical scar it leaves behind. In certain cases, individuals who are allergic to some components of the anesthetic can show allergic symptoms. The good thing about surgical mole removal is that the mole can be completely removed in just a single session. Add to this the knowledge of finding out whether your mole is cancerous or not is something that most people would find as good reasons for going under the knife.

Laser Mole Removal

For smaller and flatter moles laser mole removal is highly recommended. However, depending on the extent of your mole, you may need to visit your dermatologist a couple of times. The drawback? There will be some minor skin irritations but nothing that an ice compress will not relieve. Compared to surgery, laser mole removal has a safer profile and the outcome will be near flawless. As the skin will be left intact there will be no scars to worry about after the procedure. It is however, quite expensive. Nonetheless, it is one of the most effective ways to remove small and flat moles.

Be it for aesthetic or for purely health reasons, you now have technology by your side to help you remove that mole you are worrying about.

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Why You Should Eat Organic Foods

healthy foods 2The closest we take our eating habits to what mother nature want them to be, is the healthier we become. Perhaps you may be asking, “I follow a healthy diet of nutritious fibers, fresh greens, essential vitamins, minerals and healthy proteins, plus low fats and carbohydrates. Not to mention that I regularly perform a 30 minute workout routine. Exactly how much more healthy can I get?”

We are often faced with the dilemma of what kind of food to eat and should not be taken, how much exercise do we need in order to stay fit and how many hours of sleep do we need to stay active on the next day. These questions shouldn’t bother us because there are specialists and physicians who can help us do the right thing. It is just a matter of seeking their advice. Furthermore, health food stores are there to offer food products that carry an ample amount of protein needed by the body. Although these are not substitutes to food and medicines, they function as an add-on to meals to fill in those missing nutrients that will make the body function normally. With this practice, sickness and illnesses are prevented.  

Well, we cannot deny the fact that they are healthy just by looking at their nutritional value. Then again, you can actually acquire more health from your food intake by opting for their organic alternatives. A lot of famous health food stores in Melbourne, VIC can help you accomplish this. Provided below is some useful information about organic foods, and the explanations as to why you need to consume organically produced foods rather than their non-organic alternatives.

What About Organic Food

As opposed to what many people think, organic food is not unprocessed foodstuff alone. It is any kind of food that is produced such as poultry, vegetables, dairy products, food grains, meat, and so on, that uses natural and non-artificial inputs. This basically means that any food item that is produced or any crop that is grown, that is using chemical fertilizers, genetically engineered organisms, man-made pesticides or being exposed to any kind of radiation, is not included in the category of organic food.

Accordingly, food that is organically produced is the closest you can get to nature when it comes to acquiring nutrition. This food industry is regulated by strict standards about the procedures of food production, along with the classifications and quality of inputs used. These are stringently monitored by various quality control systems to make sure that the produce maintains their natural properties as much as possible.

Benefits of Going Organic

Is organic food better for consumption?  Based on the fact that you do not run the risk of consuming or being exposed to synthetically modified particles and artificially made chemicals, it can be considered that organic food is absolutely much better than non organic food.

Eating organic food is good for you as it lessens the toxic load that your body has to break down regularly. The body eliminates synthetic perfumes, harmful toxins from bacteria and mold in a poorly filtered air. If you like to eat conventional food, your body also has to break down all the pesticides, hormones and antibiotics that are in the food you consume.

The advantages of such food do not simply add to your health and longevity, but also affect the environment in a positive way. It prevents water and soil pollution by not using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which in turn, decreases the overall pollution by a substantial amount. It increases the quality of the soil by retaining the natural minerals.

The importance of organic foods reaches beyond personal eating preferences. There is a big picture element to this. Therefore, a less polluted environment, toxin-free food and significant savings with regard to cost and energy, these are reasons enough to think about switching to organic food.

Thankfully, organic food products are widespread today. You can find them in health food stores, grocery stores and just almost all supermarkets. Getting your way to a healthier body becomes an easier task. Going organic is indeed one way of keeping up with good health. You will never go wrong when you introduce yourself to this new kind of eating habit.

My First Ever Teeth Whitening

I am pretty much pedantic about teeth. After my last root canal saga, I was thinking about making my teeth look brighter. I only heard that professional tooth whitening can render white and dazzling teeth. My teeth were severely discoloured with yellow tinges and stains that looked ugly. My obsession with fast food, beverages, colas, tea, red wine, coffee, and medication left my teeth dirty, without lustre. It is then that I was informed about dentists at Brunswick who are renowned for carrying out teeth whitening process successfully. Dentist Brunswick in Melbourne makes use of an array of teeth whitening options that includes the revolutionary light infused Zoom whitening system.

Zoom teeth whitening technique was excellent for me for I am a business person and have a very active lifestyle. Every day I have to meet several clients and so really need confident and bright smile in order to create a great impression in the minds of the clients. Apart from this, the best part of taking the Zoom teeth whitening procedure is that it necessarily eliminates the need for application of gels and strips that are concerned with teeth whitening. I do not need to bleach my teeth in order to regain the lustre on a regular basis.

Zoom teeth whitening technique has been the most pleasant experience and also amusing for miraculously I could see that the dentist of Brunswick used the teeth whitening gel and did pass the ray of special light that could make my teeth at least 8-10 shades whiter within an hour. This was an incredible experience. It has been the safest and most convenient method of whitening teeth.

After the teeth whitening, I had to undergo the 5 minutes fluoride treatment that completed the procedure flawlessly. It made my teeth further white and dazzling

Best part of having undergone the teeth whitening technique has been that it was painless. After this treatment, my teeth became whiter and whiter within the duration of few days. I started adoring my shiny teeth and began the oral care regime. I started brushing my teeth religiously twice daily and flossing it to make it appear all the more white. There was no need for any touch-up and maintenance.

By God’s grace, it did not cost me that much. You can enquire about the pricing by going through some of the dental websites around your local area. Trust me, you will enjoy it.

I found a video below from a person who had zoom teeth whitening experience.

My First Root Canal

Had heard a lot of people talking about two things they are most afraid of when it comes to dental procedures, root canal and dental implants. Moreover, they said that their root canal procedures were extremely painful for them. So when I came to know that I was going to go through root canal surgery myself I was about to faint with all the thoughts about pain running through my head. That’s when my local dentist who specialises in root canal and dental implants Melbourne told me that root canal treatments removed the tooth’s pulp which is a small thread tissue right at the centre of the tooth that is being operated. This pulp is removed because it is dead. The cavity which is created there is cleaned and filled up again. This process helps in closing the root canal. Root canal treatments help save teeth from complete degeneration.

My Root Canal Experience Revisited

My dentist said that most of the time’s people undergo root canal treatments due to very deep cavities, broken teeth, or a damaged tooth. Just before my procedure my dentist gave me many entertainment tools to distract myself. I was very nervous. This treatment again cannot be done on one single visit. The process takes time, and it demands more than one visit. The dentist started the procedure by making a small hole in the front of my tooth. Then he started with what is known as Pulpectomy, a procedure that will remove the deal pulp from the pulp chamber. After this, the root canals are then cleaned up. The cleaning also causes the cavity to expand, and this cavity is then filled up again by the dentist. Sometimes a temporary filling is placed in there until the next visit. On the second visit, my dentist removed the temporary filling and filled it with a permanent filling called gutta-percha that seals the deal of the root canal treatment. My dentist inserted a rubber canal for mechanical support. To make it look good and natural, the dentist placed a crown on top of the teeth. My dentist advised a follow-up. This follow-up was scheduled two weeks later. The good news and relieving news is that these treatments last a lifetime if proper care is taken. So, once you bear the pain you won’t have to bear it again.

Hello! Just to let all you folks know the treatment is not as painful as people make it sound. Choose a good and reliable dentist and get the best treatment for your teeth. I found a video below so you can see what root canal treatment looks like. Hope it’s not as scary as it looks on the video.

My Tips For A Healthy and Strong Nails

strong nail

If you like to have robust, healthy, and amazing toenails, then you’ve arrived at the correct topic!. There are a number of clear-cut and simple suggestions that will allow you to attain the lovely toenails which you have always wanted.

Step one to astonishing toenails is studying the nails you currently have. Are they flaky? In that case, you should think about visiting your local podiatrist. You may be affected with an unwanted presence of toenail fungus. If your nails appear healthy, don’t hesitate to carry on with these practical toenail beauty hints.

Most useful secrets to healthy and amazing toenails would be to maintain your feet dry at all times. Changing your socks instantly and wearing clean, dry socks can help you a lot. Excessive moisture in your feet can create toenail fungus & cause your toenails begin to become feebler.

There aren’t any proven scientific methods to grow nails fast. There are exceptional treatments obtainable on the shops. Healthy nail growth is stimulated by those products. Brands like OPI offer products that help accelerate growing, and in addition support nail strength and reduce peeling and chipping.…